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The Quantum Soul

In the mid 23rd century Humans discovered a method of capturing the essence of ones 'soul' through means of Quantum Physics. The method was through Quantum reversal of the soul.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything in our world are made up of subatomic particles of electromagnetic energy. In physics, The Law of the Conservation of Energy states that “energy can neither be created or destroyed”. Since everything is made up of energy we could conclude that everything is energetically connected.

It was determined that the soul energy is comprised of electromagnetic radiations in the human body.

This type of energy from the viewpoint of Physics, has been considered as Imaginary Energy. The term imaginary is borrowed from Mathematics (real and imaginary numbers). As imaginary energy, the Soul can be now defined as an imaginary body, made of imaginary particles each one them described by imaginaries wavefunctions. im , by similarity to the real bodies, which are made of real particles described in Quantum Mechanics by its real wavefunction.


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